Colored Pencil Mini-Course

Banish 3 Common Mistakes & Master Colored Pencil Faster

2 BONUS MasterClasses help you pick the Right Pencils, Paper and Method - EVERY TIME!
Plus Step by Step Workshop - Making Colors POP on Black Paper

Colored Pencil College Speed Learning System:

Who is this for?

✔︎if you don't know what pencils to use ... discover when to choose soft, medium, hard leads

✔︎if your drawings look wimpy... discover how Masters choose powerful papers that make people GASP at your art!

✔︎ if you don’t know how to draw that well– download templates & cheat sheets for beginners

✔︎ if you struggle with textures – Masters’ videos show you how to make the right strokes

✔︎ if you don’t know color theory – this MasterClass tells you exactly what pencils to layer in the right order so your art will POP off the paper!

✔︎ if you are good, but you aren’t landing awards or commissions… discover closely guarded methods that Masters use to make people GASP at their art

✔︎ if you are busy… these daily 5-15 minutes lessons effortlessly fit into any schedule

✔︎ if you don’t want to take time off  & travel to workshops, take this MasterClasses in your easy chair

Short on time and money?

This ONE MODULE contains KEY SECRETS from inside Colored Pencil College.

Peek inside 3 MASTERCLASSES to finally BANISH 3 chronic mistakes that hold you back.

I spend $110,000 and 11 years hosting workshops with the World's TOP Money Making Colored Pencil Masters. I got them to spill their closely guarded secrets and I put this vast resource of drawing wisdom into your Colored Pencil College vault.

Instead of experimenting for decades like the Masters did...

Take this Shortcut – Your Colored Pencil Pathway to Success.

"A caveman could draw better than me… until I met Sandra Angelo."

North Carolina

"I just fielded my 8th commission because my art improved so dramatically with Sandra Angelo’s guidance. "

United Kingdom

"I used art to give me a challenge during retirement and went from stick figures to photo realism. Now I’ve drawn my whole family so they will remember me after I’m gone."


What’s inside…

New 2019 Colored Pencil Mini-Course


  • One EASY Workshop: Making Colors POP on Black Paper
  • How to correct the three common mistakes and finally look at your paper with pride
  • Step by step video demos - peek over Masters’ shoulder
  • Step by step workbooks to help you follow Master’s demos
  • Short lessons – 5-15 minutes daily 
  • 3 months access - plenty of time to complete your workshop


Bonus #1: Masters' Materials – Secret Tools & Techniques that Banish Common Mistakes

  $1997.00 - You get this for FREE!

  • Banish the #1 Mistake: Discover how to choose the RIGHT paper every time. Get stunning results when you use the Masters’ paper choices
  • Banish the #2 Mistake: Understand the difference between soft, medium and hard pencils and when to use them... plus I review various brands and the advantages of each
  • Private link to the EXACT supplies, secret stuff the Masters use ... on Amazon, at SALE prices.

Bonus #2: Masters' Methods - Secret Formulas That Make Art POP

  $1997.00 - You get this for FREE!

Banish the #3 Mistake

  • Amateurs teach each other all the wrong methods and they all stay stuck.
  • YOUR BONUS MASTERCLASS banishes amateur mistakes that keep you stuck as you discover the Top Masters Methods  that help you create art that makes people GASP.

Masters spent decades experimenting, so you don’t have to!

  • Use closely guarded Masters’ secrets to create art that makes people GASP and say,
  • "WOW! I can't BELIEVE that's colored pencil!" 



Regular Price: $497

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Workshop MasterClass

This project teaches you TOP Masters' methods & transforms your art from Amateur to AMAZING! Discover how you can achieve PHOTO REALISM like these colored pencil drawings... You will have access to lessons from one of the powerful MasterClasses inside Colored Pencil College.

Colored Pencil MasterClass:

Briar the Cat - Discover how to use black paper to make colored pencil POP OFF THE PAPER!. You will use a wide variety of pencil brands and densities to achieve super realistic fur, nose, eyes and more.

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