Struggling with your colors?

Surprisingly Simple Systems Help You Master Color in DAYS instead of DECADES


Masters already invented Color Mixing Systems for Radiant Realism.

Now you don't have to struggle trying to figure which colors to use. 

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Anyone Can Create STUNNING Art

Discover SECRETS SYSTEMS Old Masters invented so you can Master Art Faster

3-DAY Color Theory DEEP DIVE Bootcamp

All The Tools You Need To Understand Masters' Color Mixing Systems


  • Discover SECRET SYSTEMS used for centuries by Old Masters for creating jaw-dropping Realism.

  • Explore why understanding color is vital to all artistic success.

  • Master color concepts FASTER with this 3-DAY SHORTCUT for success

In your 3 Day Color Theory Bootcamp, Deep Dive into...

  • Surprisingly Simple Systems for Mixing Realistic Colors
  • Master Color Chart Demos ... help you implement OLD MASTERS METHODS for Radiant Realism
  • How Paper Influences Color Mixing
  • Formulas for Picking the Perfect Pencils, Paper and Palette for Jaw Dropping Realism
  • Little known SECRET Methods & Materials Masters Use to Create Art that Makes People GASP
  • What Masters DO that Amateurs DON'T
When you know OLD MASTERS' SECRET SYSTEMS, color mixing is surprising simple.

Finally, you can create art with confidence instead of confusion.

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This Bootcamp Is For You If...

  • You are confused about how to mix and layer color
  • You want to know Old Masters' Secrets Systems for Radiant Colors.
  • You want to discover Masters' insider secret methods and materials for Jaw-Dropping Realism
  • You aren’t sure if you even have enough talent to be an artist
  • You are gifted by not satisfied with the quality of your art
  • You dream of creating art you can be proud of... art that matches your creative ideas
  • You have always wanted to explore art and you know the need for foundations
  • You need a quick system because you're busy


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Ready To Take Your Art to a New Level?

Finally you can mix colors with confidence instead of confusion.

  • Color Theory Roadmap - Discover Old Masters Systems for creating RADIANT REALISM is explained in step by step workbooks and companion video demos.
  • $1997 BONUS:  Sign up for Color Theory Bootcamp by Wed. Jan. 18, 2023 & get access to 7 Color Theory MasterClasses 
  • $2000 BONUS - If you choose the VIP Program, you'll also get access to weekly coaching sessions with the COLOR MASTER. FINALLY get UNSTUCK and move from timid to TERRIFIC.

With a simple shift in your thinking, and a commitment to doing the exercises, you could start to see exciting work emerging from your paper. Finally, your art will match the creative ideas in your head.

What's Included In Color Theory College:

Color Theory College

Old Masters' Secret Color Systems for Radiant Realism

Actionable steps increase your color knowledge:

  1. Old Masters SYSTEMS & color theory methods that take the struggle out of color mixing.
  2. Mix color charts that will serve as reference tools so you can easily figure out color choices.
  3. Use my simple templates to organize your colors into simple reference tools.
  4. Discover how to translate these color charts into your media of choice: acrylics, oils, pastels, colored pencil and even crafts
  5. Discover values, intensities, and values of intensities... SOLUTIONS to VIBRANT COLOR MIXING.
  6. Apply what you just learned so color becomes part of your muscle memory.
  7. Use tried and true formulas for choosing pleasing color palettes that achieve the look you're after (Monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split complements etc.)


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I'm Sandra Angelo

After graduating with a BA in Fine Art, I was still an amateur artist because in modern days, they don't teach a lot of the classical art foundations.

I struggled being self taught for 10 more years until a postcard changed my life.

This invitation to apprentice with a Master put me on the fast track to success. Within months, I went from mediocre to landing lucrative commissions and awards.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you, so you can master art in DAYS instead of DECADES!

"When I met Sandra, a caveman could draw better than me. Now, my work has appeared in books, magazines, webinars and I've even sold art. 
- Bruce, Safety Engineer, N.C.

"After apprenticing with Sandra, I'm finally as good as my mother thinks I am. It feels so good to have people GASPING at my art!"

- JoAnn, Retired Caterer, Alabama

"I was talented but struggling with mediocre work and I couldn't figure where I was off. After perfecting my drawing and color skills, I now earn a healthy income from creating art. I can't believe I get paid to do what I love!"

- Carol, Computer Tech Support, UK

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GIFT PASS to 3 Day Color Theory Bootcamp Deep Dive

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    • Self-Study Color Theory MasterClasses released monthly for 3 months
    • 7 MasterClasses with actionable exercises that make color mixing easy
    • Color Theory College weekly coaching and reviews of your color assignments
    • Weekly Q/A: ONE to ONE access to a Color Master as you grow your color knowledge
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