Your 5 Week-Roadmap from Color Confusion to Color Confidence 

Color Theory Workshop # 4:


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- Move from Color Mixing Confusion to Color Confidence


When you enroll in Color Theory College by midnight you'll get a set of Sandra's PERSONAL CHARTS

These KEY COLOR FAMILIES unlock the Masters' CODE that helps you create JAW-DROPPING Realism.

Masters’ Color Theory Secrets that Banish Frustrating Color Mistakes

Color Theory Transformations

Simple Color Systems, took Apprentices from Timid to TERRIFIC!

Even if you're talented, you can't get the right results with the wrong methods.

If you've been self-taught or followed mistaken advice from amateurs on YouTube or Facebook, we're going to banish those amateur systems that don't work.

Widely accepted mistaken beliefs can keep you STUCK in that dreaded mediocre category. Even if you have talent, you need the proper training.

Yes, I Want to Master Color Mixing NOW

Mastering Color Theory can take decades… UNLESS you have a simplified roadmap that condenses Classical Masters Methods into a streamlined system.

Hi, I'm Sandra Angelo

Founder of Color Theory College & Fellowship Award Winner from Rhode Island School of Design

Apprentices who've studied with me have experienced transformations that are so dramatic, Rhode Island School of Design awarded me a Fellowship as the Nation's Leading Art Coach. 

As Executive Director of 55 Symposium Workshops with World-Famous Masters, I converted their private color mixing secrets into an EASY Step-by-Step Color Mixing System that shortens your learning curve.

I've distilled Master methods into 3 Color Formulas that rapidly move you forward from Mediocre to Mastery!

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help, teaching, coaching, motivation and support you have given me these past two years. You have changed my life in many ways (that we have discussed privately) and I will always be extremely grateful!!! You taught me much more than just drawing. These courses have been a dream come true for me. Thank you, also, for sharing your art and your art journey with us. It has been a pleasure to see where you started and where you are now. It gives me hope."

- Laurie Marie

Color Theory College is the ONLY program of its kind! I'm about to help you move from confused to confidant...

1.Use Masters' layering secrets to produce REALISTIC art that makes people GASP 
2. Discover 3 surprising codes for color mixing that banish frustrating guesses & muddy colors forever 
3. Follow this EASY Roadmap to quickly move from scratching your head in confusion to color confidence
4. Simple exercises will help you become intuitive about color mixing 
5. Banish myths & mistakes that keep you stuck & watch your colors GLOW

Yes, I Want to Master Color Mixing NOW

Follow this 5-Week Roadmap to Create Jaw-Dropping Realism.

Masterclass 1: Old Masters' Classical Color Theory SYSTEMS

Since Realism is not in vogue these days, even Fine Art schools don't teach these VIP BASICS.

FINALLY, know where to START when mixing colors.


  • Simple Color System takes guesswork out of mixing
  • Tried and true recipes for jaw-dropping realism
  • Finally know where to start when mixing colors!

Masterclass 2: Color Families - The Secret for Realistic Layering & Color Harmony

My Simplified Color Roadmap - a Surefire Color Mixing System for JAW-DROPPING REALISM

No need for decades of frustrating experiments! Don't waste any more time and money ripping your art after FRUSTRATING GUESSWORK. I simplified the Old Masters mixing systems into a short 5-Week Roadmap.

  • Use the charts as reference tools - so you know what colors to pick up
  • Discover Color Families that help you create color harmony
  • No need to guess - these proven color systems have been used for centuries

Masterclass 3: Exercises: Create Your Own Charts to Internalize Color Mixing So It Becomes Intuitive

These charts will become your go-to resource when you're looking for color combinations that replicate realistic colors in nature.

  • There are 3 million colors in the world so no wonder you get confused when you try to choose!
  • No more guessing: now you have a resource where you can look up color combinations and use the color families that are best suited for the art you envision
  • I simplified the tried and true Old Masters color mixing methods into an EASY, organized SYSTEM for COLOR SELECTION

"I just started reading the first book ....  I am excited to begin and I will wait until all of the supplies are here.  I want everything to be just right to begin your home study. Your 101 home study on how to draw really changed my life! 

I always have a project that I am working on to give to my family.  So far, it has just been graphite drawings of their pet (4 by 6 inches).  And, so far, I have only done the drawings by using the grid.  I love the grid - especially since I am extremely left brain dominant and I am "space and distance" challenged.

Thank you for adding an amazing dimension to my life!  I only hope that I will be able to come up with some acceptable colored pencil drawings."

- Betsy

Just a few Secrets you'll discover...

What color families to use for color harmony, 12 ways to make black, how to find the perfect color for your background/paper... and so much MORE

What's the Payoff?

What's Included?

What's included in your Investment?

  • Discover Masters' Insider Color Mixing Formulas in 3 Masterclasses
  • Watch Master's Video Demos and banish the confusion of color mixing
  • Join me for 4 Weekly LIVE Demos get your questions answered
  • This Accountability will give yopermission to do your art
  • Replays of LIVE sessions means you never miss out
  • Your GIFT PASS gives you 5 Weeks Access to a World Famous Color Master
  • And you’ll have plenty of time to finish because you have 12 months access to this color wisdom
  • PLUS...
    • BONUS: Done-For-You Templates for mixing Masters’ color charts - no need to figure it out.
    • BONUS: 5 Weeks of LIVE Coaching (Limited Space Available)
    • BONUS: Live 3 Day Masterclass:  Master guides you as you Apply Color Theory to Colored Pencil (Limited Space Available)




What Apprentices say about Sandra...

Yes, I Want to Master Color Mixing NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Beginners: If you are brand new to art and want to begin with foundations, this course
    is perfect for you. This is a Level One course so there is no prerequisite.
  • Intermediate: if you’ve been painting for a while and you skipped this foundational
    course, you probably struggle to know which colors to pick up. Returning to level one to
    pick up a course you missed is brilliant because Color Theory College takes the confusion
    out of color mixing.
  • Advanced but still confused about color: If you consider yourself more advanced but
    secretly you know you aren’t as good as the Masters, this course is perfect for you.
    When you finally discover a simple roadmap for color mixing, you’ll stop spending hours
    in frustrating experiments. Finally you’ll know how to pick the perfect color every time.
    And here’s the thing; even talented people benefit from working with a Master. That’s
    how Old Masters became the new Master of their day; they apprenticed with the
    Masters who could then shorten their learning curve.

Your payment will immediately generate an email with information re how to create a password and log into your new course. Keep this info in a folder called Color Theory College so you can find it when you need it. If you forget your password, our system allows you to reset it.

The course is dripped which means that new content will be available on the first day of the week every week for 5 weeks. We do that because the course is sequential and we don’t want you jumping around or you’ll get confused.

Colored Pencil College is stored inside a private membership website. You’ll be able to go through the trainings, download the resources, watch videos and get started on the lessons whenever you like.

2-hour Weekly Hands-on LIVE Sessions with the Master will give you structure so that your relaxing art time is finally built into your schedule (like any other important appointment.)

Good news. We condensed this 12 month program into a 5-week journey with 5 bite size weekly classes.

The hands-on guided journey alongside a Master lasts for 5 weeks but you’ll have access to the coursework for a full year from the date you enrolled. So even if you don’t finish all the assignments, or you want to redo some, you can watch the replays and access your content for a FULL YEAR.

All sessions are recorded and posted (unedited) in your portal so you can catch up later if you need to miss a live session. Having said that, it’s a good idea to rearrange your schedule so you can attend weekly sessions live. That way you can ask questions and get guidance as you progress through the program.

We found that a no refund policy helps us attracts students who sincerely want to become amazing artists and WOW we can help you with that for sure. We prefer not to accept students who don’t plan to stay with the program so we don’t offer refunds or guarantees.

Having said that, you will have a full year of access to this program, so even if something prevents you from attending live sessions, all the recordings and course content will be available to you for a full year from the day you sign up.

  • BTW, there are no exceptions to this rule, so please don’t ask.

In your first session, Sandra will show you EXACTLY what to buy and she will link you to a website where your supplies are listed. The links on that website will take you to Amazon’s SALE prices. Prime member, get free shipping most of the time, and fast delivery.

I test all the materials so you don’t have to which saves you gobs of time and money. We get a small
commission from the sales on our Amazon lnks and it doesn’t affect your prices so when you buy on our links, you are supporting a small business (ours). We recommend you don’t buy these materials from an art store because it can take up to 2 weeks to get what you need and you’ll be behind then.

One word of caution. If you don’t use the materials Sandra recommends, you won’t get the same results… so budget between $100-150 for art supplies. You may already have many items but be sure they are exactly the same as Sandra’s colors. We’ll also link you to options for those on a budget and if you have more to spend… Sandra will show you very cool stuff.

Color Theory College is a very specific roadmap you need to follow to create a collection of Master Charts that you can use forever for your color mixing on all projects. So in this course, we are all following the same lessons. No personal side projects.

Having said that, in this group coaching program, you will have an opportunity to post your charts for
review and Sandra will get to as many as she can each week.

If you are interested in a customized curriculum that helps you include Color Theory projects as you work toward mastering, you can apply for Sandra’s personal coaching in a 12-month program where Sandra spends time with you weekly inside an Atelier. Click here to fill out an application and we will set up a phone interview. Apply at

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