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Improve Your Drawing Skills FAST - Sandra’s Speed Learning System

If you need to Save Time & Money, this is PERFECT!
12 days instead of 12 weeks + costs 90% Less

A strong foundation in drawing sets the stage for high quality art in any medium; oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, colored pencil, ink, airbrush and more.

If you don’t know the basics of drawing, each time you sit down to draw or paint, you will get that queasy feeling in your stomach because you aren’t sure if your paper or canvas will look like the ideas in your head. You might even put off pursuing your art dreams, simply because you are embarrassed about your art and you don’t think you have what it takes.

Imagine what would happen if you could sit down at your drawing table or stand by your easel and know with confidence that the marks you use will be accurate, your perspective will be spot on, the proportions will be correct, your paper or canvas will look the same as the creative images in your head… instead of WONKY?

That's EXACTLY what this Pencil Drawing Mini Course – Speed Learning Path to Mastering Drawing teaches you.

This step-by-step guide brings back the secret Old Masters’ methods that show you how to nail your accuracy and proportions every time. Finally your drawings will pop off the paper and you can now paint or drawing with confidence, knowing that your art will turn out well.

This Mini Course is the "Cliff Notes” of sorts, not the full 12 week Pencil Drawing College MasterClasses.

It is just one module from Pencil Drawing College, but it is the most important one!

Hi, I'm Sandra Angelo

And I've discovered the SHORTCUT to Mastering Drawing… FAST!

But don’t take my word for it… these new students just finished the 12 days inside Pencil Drawing College on January 29, 2019 and look what they are saying…

Before Pencil Drawing College a student said:

My biggest fear was failure.

The biggest mistake holding me back was not believing I could learn how to draw. Since it didn't come naturally I figured I didn't have the talent.

Doubts...I honestly doubted I'd be good so I settled for wanting to draw better just to help my paintings. 

I doubted in one week there would be a big change. I even doubted it would be worth the money I paid because I assumed I'd fail.

But it was worth it. I'm so glad I did it! ;)


After just 12 days inside Pencil Drawing College, this same student said:

My drawing habits have changed in that I'm drawing, everyday! I never drew before this class. Now if I haven't yet gotten to my drawing by late morning, I miss it.

Now, I see objects as shapes and values and I often ask myself how I would draw things. Drawing has helped me stop and see my surroundings more instead of just rushing through a day.

It never occurred to me that I could enjoy drawing, let alone have the possibility to make money doing something I enjoy. Now I feel as though it is possible!

This has also spilled into everything I want to do. I think anything is possible if I apply myself. :)

Here’s this student's before and after drawing, January 29, 2019

She's not the only one… Kathy A. said:

What scared me was embarrassment. I mean look at my before drawing. No explanation needed, LOL.

Biggest mistake? Not S.L.O.W.I.N.G down and looking.

I have the fear of not being good enough.

After 12 days of Pencil Drawing College… Kathy A. said:

My drawing habits have changed because I now draw daily. Before, I just drew when I had the time or the mood hit me.

I actually looked at a picture of a dog on FB and instead of thinking "Aww, how cute", I think about the process of drawing that dog.

My mind, for the first time, has shifted to I CAN BE A SUCCESS!

And here is the progress Kathy made in just 12 days:

There are 37 people inside Pencil Drawing College Coaching Program right now, and I could post all their progress here but here’s the thing…

I have been taking people from amateur to amazing for 30 years, so this system is not NEW; it’s tried and true.

23 years ago, Nita Draut started my drawing course with stick figures at age 70. In a few months her work was so good she was featured in newspapers, magazines, on the cover of a book and even on TV.

Nita Draut is still drawing at age 93 and at 90, a prestigious Art Center invited her to do a one woman show with 90 of her 500+ lifelike portraits.

Bruce Macdonald said, “I draw worse than a caveman” and look at his work now.

A large part of my success is because I invented a SPEED LEARNING SYSTEM so you can master drawing FAST. That attracted lots of people because nowadays no one wants to spend decades developing art skills… they want to draw well NOW!

When The Washington Post wrote a rave review about my drawing course, in 1991, it took off like a rocket and suddenly people all over the world were using my Speed Learning System to master drawing.

I was invited as a guest on ABC’s Good Morning Texas, the Discovery Channel, six shows on TNN… and appearances on KUSI and NBC. I did 5 TV shows for HGTV at the Grand Old Opry and I wrote magazine columns in The Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, Art Materials Today, Michael’s Art & Crafts and the Decorative Painter.

Word spread worldwide and soon, my entire drawing curriculum was adopted by more than 100 art teaches in the San Diego City School system and many sign up their homeschooled kids for my program. In fact my drawing courses are now used by students in 49 countries on five continents.

I coach Apprentices in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Nigeria, Norway, Germany, Japan, and many more countries.

The fact that my courses can be taken anytime, any place makes this system accessible to anyone with internet. No need to rearrange your schedule or expend huge travel expenses to study with a Top Master. Take your Pencil Drawing Mini Course in your easy chair, when it’s convenient.

Finally, students who have struggled with their art are building a strong foundations and it’s showing up in their work! They write to me about countless awards, commissions, and one has even gone on to earn millions painting all over the world full time.

MODULE 1 – the MOST POPULAR module of the Pencil Drawing College Course

This 12 day mini-course teaches you EXACTLY how to use my Secret Sauce, the 3 Magic Tricks that help you see the world the way a Master does. Using this recipe, you will see your mind shift and your hand will follow, as you begin to improve your proportions and accuracy.

As you work through the first MasterClass, you will emulate the Masters’ textures, and begin to build a library in your art brain about how to draw various objects. Later, when you work from your own photo references, you can tap into that brain library and know what kind of strokes to use to emulate those same textures that are now showing up in your own photo.

Strong drawing is at the core of all forms of quality art. And even if you don’t think you have talent, this simplified Speed Learning System can work for you… FAST!

In your Pencil Drawing Mini Course,  you will…

  • Be furnished with a gridded project and the gridded worksheet, so you don’t need to buy a grid kit.

You will discover…

  • OLD MASTERS’ GRID: How to use the Old Masters’ grid method to dramatically  improve your accuracy and proportions
  • SANDRA’s PENCIL SELECTOR: You will get my pencil selector (for free) and it shows you which pencil to pick up … so no more scratching your head to figure out which pencil to use for shading
  • HOW TO SHADE: Instead of creating drawings that look flat, I will show you how to properly use a variety of graphite pencils to make your drawings pop off the paper
  • VIDEO DEMOS: Each time I do a video demo, the pencil I am using is on the screen, so you can draw along.
  • STEP BY STEP WORKBOOKS: No need to take notes; I furnish you with a MasterClass workbook so you can follow along with the videos and know what your drawing should look like at each stage
  • LINK TO MASTERS’ MATERIALS: You will get a link to the exact materials the Masters use and those will be available at a discount on
  • DRAW ALONG WITH THE MASTER: Your MasterClass videos will let you peek over the Masters’ shoulder so you can see the strokes that give you the exact textures you need to make your drawing come alive.
  • SPEED LEARNING ROADMAP: You will give a roadmap for success so that you can develop drawing habits that move your work from amateur to amazing… FAST
  • 12 WEEKS ACCESS to a 12 day course so you will have plenty of time to finish

PLUS:  A Full MasterClass Project
(so you can apply what you learned)
& BONUS Workbook with more drawings to practice.

Note:  While you get the same CONTENT as Module One in the course, you do NOT get access to our coaches or our Pencil Drawing College community groups.  Additionally, I gave a full four weeks of critiques for the people who just purchased my full-course-version. 
This is a digital-only product.

But if you have a low budget and not much time, this will be perfect for you because it only takes 12 days instead of 12 weeks and this is only one of the MasterClasses so it costs 90% less than Pencil Drawing College.

So now you are saying…

Can I do this too?

There's no better way to show you that you can achieve the same dramatic improvement in your drawing skills than to jump into a short course that gives you the tools that show you the shortcut to success.

These are the results from JUST MODULE ONE...
If they did this... YOU CAN TOO!

And here are more examples of folks that have taken Pencil Drawing College over the last thirty years


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