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Re Guarantees

I've spent 30 years developing an amazing system that has taken thousands of folks from AMATEUR to AMAZING!

But it doesn't work if you don't. 

Since I can't guarantee that you WILL do the work, I don't offer a guarantee and there are no refunds so please don't ask. (You have a full year to complete your course.)

I've found that those who look for a guarantee tend to be the ones who don't follow directions and don't complete the lessons.

I LOVE watching your art transform and if you follow this step by step path, it happens pretty fast. There is a meter on your hand and the more you practice, the better you get.

I would love to help you transform your art, but I can't do it alone. So, join us if you truly long to become an amazing artist and you are ready to follow this exciting success path!

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Pencil Drawing College – 30th Anniversary

What's included:

BONUS #1 – Value $3,997  

Fast Action Bonus for the FIRST 30 people who sign up. Coaching Helps You Finally Pinpoint Where You are OFF!

Want to speed up your learning process?
The #1 thing that transforms your art FAST is feedback.

You will keep making the same agonizing mistakes unless I pinpoint your chronic errors. In honor of the 30th Anniversary of Pencil Drawing College, the first 30 who sign up for 2019 Pencil Drawing College will be invited into the Coaching Apprenticeship Program. For 4 weeks, you will get FREE critiques and feedback.

BONUS #2 Value $1,997

Links to Masters' Secret Tools & Videos re How to Use Them

Four video demos will reveal re how to use secret tools that the Masters use to get stunning results.

I'll also provide you with links to a discounted site where you can buy these.

Using the right materials can make the difference between success and failure. I am always testing new tools, so you don't have to waste your time and money buying all the wrong supplies.

BONUS #3 – Value $1,997

Video Demos: Common Mistakes & How to Correct Them

Finally banish the chronic mistakes that keep you trapped in mediocre. I’ll be posting four MasterClass videos where I correct the mistakes everyone makes so that you can avoid the potholes that are keeping you stuck.

BONUS #4 – Value $1997

Sandra's Simplified System That Makes Drawing Easy - for ANYONE!

  • For 20 years, I only worked with non-artists, people whose art was so bad it never made it to their mom's fridge.
  • I specialize in SPEED LEARNING and developed a shortened path so you can master drawing FAST!
  • Now instead of spending decades experimenting, you get access to a vault of Art Wisdom that I used to turn non-artists into award winning Masters.

Pencil Drawing College – Value $110,000

For 11 years, I spent $10,000 per year gathering information from the World's TOP Masters at an annual symposium.

As a columnist for The Artist's Magazine and American Artist, I also interviewed successful Masters who are out there making big bucks with their art. I got them to spill their closely guarded secrets and I put this vast resource of drawing wisdom into a vault.

My comprehensive library of tips, tricks and shortcuts will accelerate your growth.

Instead of experimenting for decades like the Masters did, you can take the short path to success.

BONUS - SAVE GOBS OF TIME! In your MasterClass workbooks, all your drawings are gridded, so you won't need to take a long time putting grid lines on the drawing you're copying. No need to grid your drawing paper either; my grids will slide under your drawing paper.

Videos & companion workbooks let you peek inside a Master's studio and follow along:

  • Peek over my shoulder and discover how hard you should press, what strokes you should make, tips, tricks and shortcuts
  • The pencil to use will be displayed on the video screen
  • My videos are in real time, so you can draw along (not speeded up like YouTube tutorials)
  • No need to take notes; I put all the steps in a workbook, so you know just what to do next
  • Pause and rewind until you understand what to do- so much better than a live class where you only see it once

Sandra's Simplified 4 Step Drawing System Make Any Drawing Easy! 

  • Even complicated subjects seem easy when you use this 4-step system that breaks your drawing into bite sized chunks
  • See the world the way a Master does: 1-Shape, 2-Line, 3-Value, & 4-Texture
  • Even an absolute beginner can succeed with this Simplified System
  • Once you master these 4 concepts, drawing becomes easy

Sandra's 3 Magic Tricks Dramatically Improve Your Accuracy 

  • No more wonky proportions
  • Struggle getting a likeness? 3 Tricks get you a likeness every single time
  • Fighting internal criticism? These tricks slip you into the serenity zone where there are no boogie men
  • Perspective issues? Now, everything will line up correctly

New MasterClass released every week for 12 weeks - 12 Months Access 

  • Retired or have a lot of time? Complete a lesson every week
  • Busy? Complete one lesson per month
  • Hectic Schedule? Lessons have been shortened so you can consume then in bite sized chunks.
  • Videos are between 5-15 minutes. Draw an eye one day, an ear the next, a mouth the next, etc.
  • Squeeze brief relaxation into a harried schedule.
  • Want to practice over and over to perfect your skills? You have a full year to complete your MasterClass projects
  • Ambitious? You could learn to draw in 3 months and this lifelong skill makes you better at oils, acrylics, pastels, colored pencil, and all forms of art

Finally, Master Textures!

Banish agonizing mistakes when you emulate the Masters

  • Copying the Masters is the best way to understand how to create realistic textures

  • Render Master drawings in the following popular subjects:
    • DOGS:
      • A variety of breeds will give you a vast array of textures to emulate
      • Master soulful eyes, wet noses, floppy ears, tangled and smooth fur
    • CATS:
      • Short fur, soft fluffy fur and patterns will be demonstrated as you discover how to make your fur so soft, you could pet the paper
      • Cat eyes, pretty little noses, ears, whiskers and patterns will be demonstrated
    • FLOWERS:
      • Savor the exquisite beauty of nature as you render: Roses, irises, calla lilies, daffodils, pansies and more
      • Discover how to create memories and masterpieces in a garden
      • Capture wild creatures that roam the African savannahs
      • How to make patterns bend over zebra stripes, spotted giraffes, and soft cheetah fur
      • How to simulate leathery skin on an elephant, a monkey's wiry fur, a cute little meerkat and more
    • FAMILY:
      • Kids are little for a nanosecond, but you can freeze precious moments forever in portraits
      • Capture a likeness every time with Sandra's 3 Magic Tricks
      • Insider tips tricks and shortcuts help you render realistic eyes, noses, mouths, glasses, skin tones, fabric and hair
      • Discover what kind of photo makes a great portrait?
      • The difference between a mug shot and a Masterpiece

Your investment:

$1997 for 12 months access - $5.49 per day (less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.)

Hurry, we have limited spaces available and when this is sold out it will be a full year till you can join. (If we decide to offer it again.)

What People Are Saying:

“At 50, I had a stroke in left my brain, so I had to retire from my job as an engineer. I missed the daily challenge, so I took Sandra Angelo's drawing class to develop my right brain. Even though I started with pretty awful stick figures, my work soon began to blossom, and now I look at my paper in amazement and say, "I can't BELIEVE I drew that!" The daily challenges inherent in art provided me with a second wind and now I am drawing my whole family to leave legacy. Thank Sandra!”

Orville – Encinitas, CA

“I wanted a way to unwind from the stressful business that my husband and own. So, I searched Google, and discovered that Sandra Angelo had won a Fellowship Award from Rhode Island School of Design because of her ability to take artists from amateur to amazing in a short time. I signed up for Sandra's Apprenticeship and before long, my paper looked like the creative ideas in my head. I find art relaxing and it's become my go to place to unwind at the end of the day.”

Sharon – Carlsbad, CA

“Before I met Sandra, a caveman could draw better than me. I had taken many art classes, but I was stuck in mediocre and couldn't figure out how to get better. Sandra Angelo's super simplified systems and excellent coaching took my art from pitiful to powerful! Now my art has been featured in books, videos and even international webinars and I've decided to set up a portfolio and earn money doing what I love. Art has created an exciting second chapter in my life!”

Bruce – Durham, NC