Ever wanted to STOP time & FREEZE a Memory FOREVER?

I'm hosting 3-Day Immersive Portrait Workshop:

Turn Ordinary Photos into Personality Portraits of People & Pets

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Discover Sandra's 4 Simple Steps That Make Drawing EASY for ABSOLUTE Beginners & BEYOND

Rewind precious memories of people and pets you cherish.

Even if you aren't "GIFTED" at art... I can show you how to

Freeze Precious Moments with People & Pets 

  • Tricks for putting personality into portraits

  • How kid proportions differ

  • Render eyes that sparkle, capture soft skin, pudgy face, baby fine hair

  • Insider tricks for nailing a likeness every time

  • and much more...


3 SECRETS for Turning Your Stories into Art

You've always wanted to be an artist but you think you need more talent. Not true ~ Creativity can be learned by ANYONE!

Watch Creative BLOOMERS TV to discover tips, tricks & techniques for creating art that makes people GASP. Finally ,your art will look like the creative ideas in your head.


Submerge in Art & Culture 

  • Creative JOURNEYS Watch Masters spill stories into art

  • Creative STUDIOS Ignite your own artistic muse

  • Creative SKILLS Discover methods that take your art from timid to TERRIFIC... FAST!

Watch Creative JOURNEYS 

Choose a path that inspires you, so your muse has something to talk about.


Watch Creative STUDIOS for artistic inspiration



Watch Creative SECRETS to take your skills




About Sandra Angelo

Your Creative Life Coach, Sandra invites you to join her:

  1. Creative Journeys let you peek inside Creative Studios and discover how Masters find  inspiration and spill stories into art.
  2. In Creative Skills segments, you will uncover secret  methods & materials Masters use to create jaw-dropping Art.
  3. Join Sandra's Creative Immersion Workshops, where the Master shows you how to take your art to a whole new level... FAST!

Finally, you will have the skills you need to awaken & equip your own artistic muse. Pretty soon, you'll be saying, "WOW! I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST CREATED THAT!"

Sandra Angelo

 World Renowned Pencil Expert

Sandra's credentials: 

Speaking 5 languages, living on 3 continents and exploring 40 countries and 48 US states, Art & Culture expert Sandra Angelo leads you on creative journeys where you can uncover fascinating stories that birthed stunning Masterpieces we all admire.

 Creative Life Coach. Her life's mission is to help you  explore and equip your own inner muse with the skills you need to effectively express your own stories and spill your memories into masterpieces.

Despite an Emmy nomination, a Fellowship Award from Rhode Island School of Design and countless prestigious accolades, you’ll find Sandra to be a down to earth, approachable

An award winning author of 70+ courses, books, videos and TV shows, Sandra has followers in 49 countries on 5 continents. Her award winning, proven art lessons have been transforming wanna be artists from amateur to amazing for decades.

  • Fellowship Award: Rhode Island School of Design (for unique ability to take folks from timid to terrific artist fast!)
  • Rave reviews by top critics including The Washington Post (full page article - front page TV Guide)
  • Emmy nomination & countless top awards for video production
  • Magazine columnist Sandra Angelo has interviewed hundreds of the world's finest creators
    • American Artist, The  Artist's Magazine, Art Materials Today, Michael's Arts & Crafts, & more
  • Specializes in giving you foundations in drawing for better painting, color theory for colors that pop and creative mindset for equipping your inner artist to shine!
  • Executive Director 11 Annual Colored Pencil Symposiums - Sandra has developed a massive online library of workshops by world renowned Colored Pencil Masters.
  • Specialist in Non-Toxic Drawing Media that simulates the look of- oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor, ink, pencils and more
  • Personal: The first blond in parts of Congo's Ituri forest Sandra McFall Angelo was as a missionary kid who traveled in 40 countries, learned 5 languages, lived in on 3 continents, Sandra’s spellbinding heart-warming stories will awaken and equip your own muse.
  • Mom to 3 rascal kitties, Peanut Butter, Jelly and Toast (Peanut Butter is a frequent, albeit unreliable co-host on Creative Bloomers TV.)