About Sandra

From Mud Hut to Millionaire Master

The first white people in the Congo's Ituri forest, Sandra's family broke languages into writing to teach Pygmies how to read. So how did she go from mud hut to world famous millionaire Art Master with Apprentices in 49 countries?

In college, Sandra took an art course that ignited her muse. Switching her major, when she graduated, she was barely better than her students. For a decade Sandra devoured art books but barely improved. Being self-taught was not cutting it.

Then a postcard changed everything. A Master invited Sandra to an art Apprenticeship where he pinpointed her mistakes. Her work took off and soon she was landing lucrative corporate and private commissions.

Why the accelerated growth? Well the Master had spent decades figuring everything out, so she didn't have to. Students begged her to share her shortcuts and Sandra's 3 Simple Steps were born.

Soon, Rhode Island School of Design acknowledged her students' rapid transformations with the prestigious Fellowship Award. The Washington Post spread the word Sandra began writing for prestigious Art magazines and was featured on national TV.

Worldwide requests poured in, so Sandra founded www.ColoredPencilCollege.com  and www.PencilDrawingCollege.com so that anyone anywhere can now take their art from amateur to amazing FAST!

Traveling in 40 countries, speaking 5 languages, Sandra has settled in a suburb of heaven, San Diego. Her kittens, Peanut Butter, Jelly and Toast and her cousin's 9 kids are frequent subjects in her popular drawings.

ABC Good Morning Texas Appearance

Sandra Angelo teaches TV hosts how to draw using her super simple step by step drawing system that can turn ANYONE into an artist... FAST!



  • Coach for Masters in the Making - Sandra's Apprentices have gone onto worldwide fame, become millionaires, been published, landed top awards and lucrative commissions or just elevated their art skills, so they can produce stunning portraits of the people and pets they adore. Click here for a view of Sandra's Atelier Apprentices' art work.
  • Media Appearances: Sandra has appeared on
    • NBC,
    • ABC Good Morning Texas,
    • CNN,
    • TNN,
    • HGTV,
    • Discovery Channel,
    • KUSI Good Morning San Diego,
    • The Washington Post,
    • Wall Street Journal,
    • Creative Living and many more
  • Award winning artist, author, producer:
    • Emmy nomination
    • Fellowship Award  - Rhode Island School of Design
    • 1st. Place WAVE Award
    • Videographer Award of Excellence
    • Boston Bookseller's First Place Award
    • Award winning author of 70+ courses, books, DVDs
  • National Magazine Columnist
    • The Artist's Magazine
    • American Artist
    • Creative Living
    • Michael's, Arts & Crafts
    • Art Materials Today
    • Decorative Painter
    • Color Magazine
    • Decorative Artist's Workbook & more
  • Formal Education:
    • BA in Fine Art - Seattle Pacific University
    • Fellowship Award - Rhode Island School of Design
    • MBA (Cum laude) National University
    • 11 Years of Apprenticeships with World Class Masters

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