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At age 50, I had a stroke on the left side of my brain so I had to retire from my job as an engineer. I missed the daily challenge, so I took Sandra Angelo's drawing class to develop the right side of my brain.

Even though I started with pretty awful stick figures, my work soon began to blossom, and now I look at my paper in amazement and say I can't BELIEVE I drew that! The daily challenges inherent in art provided me with a second wind and now I am drawing my whole family to leave legacy.

Thanks Sandra!

~  Orville, Solana Beach, CA

Before I met Sandra, a caveman could draw better than me.

I had taken many art classes, but I was stuck in mediocre and couldn't figure out how to get better.

Sandra Angelo's super simplified systems and excellent coaching took my art from pitiful to powerful! Now my art has been featured in books, videos and even international webinars and I've decided to set up a portfolio and earn money doing what I love. Art has created an exciting second chapter in my life!

~ Bruce, Durham, NC



I wanted a way to unwind from the stressful business that my husband and own. So, I searched Google, and discovered that Sandra Angelo had won a Fellowship Award from Rhode Island School of Design because of her ability to take artists from amateur to amazing in a short time.

I signed up for Sandra's Apprenticeship and before long, my paper looked like the creative ideas in my head.  I find art relaxing and it's become; my go to place to unwind at the end of the day.

~ Sharon, Carlsbad, CA



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