Let's get acquainted...

Okay, this is where I'm supposed to list very impressive credentials, so you know that I'm a certified to become your Fairy Art Mother but here's the thing.

I do have massive awards and mind-boggling credentials, but they all happened while I was finding the BEST way to make YOU good.

THAT'S my passion. I get all goose-bumpy and excited when you go from good to GREAT or from awful to amazing. It's my life calling to turn you into a Master artist... so that FINALLY your paper or canvas will look like those amazing creative ideas in your head.

Don't get me wrong.

I am a big fan of awards and I got all excited when Rhodes Island School of Design gave me a Fellowship Award because of the amazing transformations in my students' art.

And when ABC's "Good Morning Texas" called and asked me if I could teach the host to draw in 7 minutes... I was thrilled.
(Thank God it worked! Whew!)


And when I won an Emmy nomination for my FIRST video, my mouth dropped. I mean I was just making stuff up, but apparently you find my videos extremely easy to follow and more importantly, my demos help you get amazing results.

When I made an appearance in Hollywood on the Discovery Channel, my favorite thing was that my stage call was early. I had 2 hours with a bored makeup artist who taught me how to look beautiful on camera. Yep, it's amazing what a little makeup can do.

Then when I flew to the Grand Ole Opry and did 5 shows for HGTV, I was beyond excited. I even got to use Dolly Parton's hairdresser and I had to duck to get through the door because of my big hair.

When The Washington Post wrote a FULL PAGE article endorsing my drawing course on the FRONT PAGE of their TV Guide, I was delirious.

That one article sold out an ENTIRE edition of what I now call Pencil Drawing College. I was over the moon mainly because now my speed learning system began to change people all over the world. I'm now broadcasting to 49 countries and I get to help folks take their art from amateur to amazing without traveling.

You see, I LOVE awards because they are like applause (and every performer needs applause.) But my life is really less about making art and more about making Masters. I want to help you bring your gift to the world and not be embarrassed by what's on your paper or canvas. I want you to become the BEST you can be and then shine your creative light into your own part of the world.

So inside Pencil Drawing College and Colored Pencil College, I share insider secrets that make your work pop off the paper. Because it feels SO AWFUL to look at your work and know it's pitiful... AGAIN. I reveal Masters methods and incredible tools and techniques that make you amazing really fast. (If you follow my recipes.)

But I never call myself a teacher; because more than offering you art lessons, I am an Art Life Coach.

I show you how I create a life that turns Art into a VERB.

Here’s the thing; my resume isn’t about me. It’s about what I love doing for you.

Yes, to me art is not just about what's on the paper; it's about living your dreams and then spilling that into your art. Then you can rewind those precious memories every day when you gaze with pride at the incredible art you just created.

And when you leave this earth, you’ll leave a piece of yourself behind, so that the world will know you were here.

So how do I take you from amateur to amazing?

  • I share my journey, how I personally went from mediocre to Mastery.
  • My Apprentices get my GPS, the secret roadmap that took me from a VERY mediocre artist to the top.
  • You follow the path that transformed me and allowed me to earn prestigious awards and lucrative commissions.
  • It took me 11 years and cost me $110,000 (five apprenticeships per year at $2000 per Master.)
  • But you won't have to spend that kind of time and money like I did.
  • I show you shortcuts that make you really good really fast.

Here's how it started.

  • I have an official BA in Fine Arts but when I started my MFA, I realized that the professors weren't successful Masters. They knew about art, but they weren't landing the top awards and big bucks.
  • So, I left that $150,000 program and apprenticed with the world's TOP Masters. These were experts were landing all the awards and lucrative commissions, not professors who just talk about success; they WERE successful.
  • I spent 11 years bringing all the TOP pencil Masters to San Diego in an Annual Symposium and 4-5 Masters would mentor me and tell me where I was going wrong.

At the same time, I was a national magazine columnist who interviewed Top Masters for prestigious magazines like American Artist, The Artist's Magazine, Art Materials Today & Michael's Arts & Crafts (where I reviewed and tested art supplies) and The Decorative Painter.

  • Because I could get them articles that would produce incredible fame, these Masters spilled the beans; private discoveries they NEVER shared with anybody.
  • As I apprenticed with these TOP Masters and interviewed them for magazines, I created a library of this closely guarded secrets - methods and materials that produce amazing results.
  • I began to catalog all their tips, tricks and shortcuts.
  • This private knowledge was based on years and years of experiments had landed them massive success.

I realized that I was gathering GOLD. These hands-on techniques were way better than a $150,000 college MFA. This sophisticated knowledge actually WORKS and helps you take your art from mediocre to mastery FAST.

  • So, to make your journey of discovery faster than mine, I distilled this complex knowledge into super easy FAST step by step MasterClasses inside www.PencilDrawingCollege.com (which shows you how to build strong foundational drawing skills) and www.ColoredPencilCollege.com a curriculum that shows you how to do pencil paintings that simulate oils, acrylics, watercolor, airbrush and more. (I like colored pencils better than paint because they are nontoxic, portable, inexpensive and incredibly versatile.)
  • In these online MasterClasses you can do what I call "Speed Learning".
  • Instead of spending 11 years (and $110,000 like I did,) you can use these private secrets to transform your art from amateur to amazing... FAST.

My MasterClass Success Paths can literally change your life. Now, instead of decades of chronic struggles, and always being disappointed by your mediocre art, you can find yourself suddenly looking down at your paper at art that is coming ALIVE.

  • So, I work with the type of artist that strives for excellence
  • If you want to become really good really fast, join me inside www.ColoredPencilCollege.com  and www.PencilDrawingCollege.com  where I can help you build foundational skills that will transform your art and finally provide you with the skills you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Warning: My Apprenticeships are only offered once per year and my online courses fill up really fast. So, if you get an email from me, open it fast. My enrollment periods are very short and you don’t want to miss out and have to wait another year.

I would love to help you make your art dreams come true because when you succeed, so will I.

If you want to immerse yourself in Art and Culture and get in touch with your creative self, sign up on my Art & Culture list and wait for an opening. A few times each year, I take applications for folks who want to join me as we create moments and turn those precious memories into Masterpieces. Because to me art isn't only about what's on your paper...


Art by Carol Hartwell - c. 2016 - Carol is in my Invitation Only Advance Angelo Atelier.

Carol hired me to take her on an Art & Culture Tour of the UK and France and in the miniature village of Burton on the Water, she found a store called "Hartwell's". So she felt compelled to turn that moment into a Masterpiece. She added people in the town and hanging out the windows and I love the way her feet escape the artwork to emphasize the Gulliver's Travels look of this piece of art.

Welcome to Sandiland; you are going to love it here

We are going to make your art dreams come true and when you succeed, so will I!

Your Art Life Coach,


P.S. If you want to see why you are in good hands...

Here is a traditional resume that proves I'm qualified to be your Art Life Coach:


  • Coach for Masters in the Making - Sandra's Apprentices have gone onto worldwide fame, become millionaires, been published, landed top awards and lucrative commissions or just elevated their art skills, so they can produce stunning portraits of the people and pets they adore. Click here for a view of Sandra's Atelier Apprentices' art work.
  • Media Appearances: Sandra has appeared on
    • NBC,
    • ABC Good Morning Texas,
    • CNN,
    • TNN,
    • HGTV,
    • Discovery Channel,
    • KUSI Good Morning San Diego,
    • The Washington Post,
    • Wall Street Journal,
    • Creative Living and many more
  • Award winning artist, author, producer:
    • Emmy nomination
    • Fellowship Award  - Rhode Island School of Design
    • 1st. Place WAVE Award
    • Videographer Award of Excellence
    • Boston Bookseller's First Place Award
    • Award winning author of 70+ courses, books, DVDs
  • National Magazine Columnist
    • The Artist's Magazine
    • American Artist
    • Creative Living
    • Michael's, Arts & Crafts
    • Art Materials Today
    • Decorative Painter
    • Color Magazine
    • Decorative Artist's Workbook & more
  • Formal Education:
    • BA in Fine Art - Seattle Pacific University
    • Fellowship Award - Rhode Island School of Design
    • MBA (Cum laude) National University
    • 11 Years of Apprenticeships with World Class Masters

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