Mary Benz Gilkerson's 5-Day Challenge has already changed my world

inspiration Jan 20, 2019

Drawing is a meditation, so this daily practice is getting me back to the Zen that comes from pencil painting. When I draw it loosens pent up words that come spilling out of the cage of my busyness.

Here's the revelry this drawing session rewound.

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This pencil painting was inspired by Beatrix Potter, the first woman to break a stereotype by becoming a "working woman" despite her social breeding in higher society.

As Beatrix unnervingly followed her passions and splayed her pages with the critters she loved, her books sold. She became very wealthy... in an era when women artists weren't even recognized for their contribution.

My pilgrimage to Beatrix Potter's Lake District was a pivotal inner journey. You see Beatrix used her art wealth to preserve and protect the bucolic countryside that inspired her art. To rescue this lovely Lake District, Beatrix bought up bucolic landscape dotted...

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